This document aims to provides developers new to Exteca with a few simple examples to help them getting started.

Simply checkout the applications code from subversion

svn co


The samples modules contains some example of applications of the Exteca technologies.

The Categorise sample demonstrates how to use the categorisation engine and an ontology to categorise documents contains in a directory all normalised to a specified format. In real apps, the document content together with the resultant tokens, markups and triggering concepts could be stored in a database for searching. In addition, the document content could also be stored in a lucene index for free text searching.

To run the sample code

cd samples
mvn test
The sample will crawl all the documents in the test data directory, categorises each file the resulting metadata displayed to the user.

Web applications

WebCategorise and WebSearch are two more complete webapps which use the Exteca technologies offering a web front end to categorisation and searching functionality.

To build the webapps

cd [webcategorise|websearch]
mvn install
The resulting war file will be contained in the target dir.