Exteca Platform is a developer's toolkit providing access to our technology for a wide range of applications. Supplied as a set of Java APIs they are designed to fit in with your existing application framework. Our solution gives a unique level of flexibility. The API is provided as a set of pure Java classes. By providing access at this level we can give you access to the whole ontology management functionality without requiring that you "buy-in" to any framework or architecture.

Ontology Management

The Ontology Management API provides access to the core technologies of ontology management:

  • Java API
  • Rich domain modelling
  • Construction and management of ontologies
  • Browsing and navigation of ontologies
  • Storage to XML
The Ontology Management API allows you to fully integrate advance ontology-based knowledge management into your system. More information about the functionality of this API can be found under the Ontology Management topic in the Technologies section.

Categorisation API

The Categorisation API gives access to the core technologies of automatic document categorisation to the standard defined in an ontology:
  • Java API
  • Processes XML marked up documents
  • Visible and editable rules for complete control
  • Language support through editable stemming and tokenisation rules
  • Configure to use your own tokenisation or morphological classes
  • Highly accurate two-dimensional relevance measure
  • Shows the positions of relevance words and phrases in matching documents
  • Shows an explanation of how a particular categorisation was made by the system
The process of the Categorisation API are fully customisable. An ontology provides the schema and rules for the categorisation process. Ontologies can be created using the Ontology Management API. Documents are analysed by our Language Processing technology, which applies tokenisation and stemming to text, using modifiable rules, or if you prefer, your own technology. For more information about the functionality of this API, please refer to the Document Categorisation and Language Processing topics in the Technologies section.